More things I made

A bunch of things I made for someone named Petey who just had her baby (I am slow in sending, oops) Baby legs, burp cloths, peepee teepees and a bag to hold them (for little boys when you change their diapers) a blanket with duckies that is orange and yellow squares on the other side, and a matching little blanket for the monkey.

Me wearing a frog hoodie towel for a little boy I used to work with in Auburn.

A princess dancing tutu for his sister.

Surprise another blanket and baby legs and tiny blanket for the bear and onesie for another family I used to work with in Auburn who is having their first baby girl in a week.

These all looked better in real life. I have found that I am a terrible photographer of things. I much prefer people.

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One Response to More things I made

  1. amy says:

    baby legs are the cutest thing ever. do you know anyone using them to assist with elimination communication/infant potty training? i find this concept very intriguing…

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