Life Update

We’ve had a really fun and action packed week with Aaron’s parents here. We picked them up from the airport on Thursday morning with their signs “Donita” and “Juanald” to greet them. Since then we have done lots of things: visited orphanages, churches, markets, national park, city overlooks, many restaurants, eaten puerqueno (roast guinea pig/cuy), bought eyeglasses for less than half of the price in the US, got mom a root canal at 15% of the US price, and eaten so much candy I think I gained one million pounds. We did some other things too, like sleep and visit the mital del mundo (equator line monument thing) and take a gondola up to 13,500 feet. We safely put them in a cab to the airport in Quito last night and we flew home this afternoon. The house is quiet and empty and we miss them already. It was so fun to have them here, we are glad they came. If you want to read more you should read their blog, because it’s way more detailed.

Now we are getting back to real life, mutual today, teaching lesson tomorrow, classes on Monday. We only have 2 months left before Ecuador throws us out, time flies so fast, I must be getting old. We are still fighting with immigration, right now Aaron expires on March 25th, but we may be able to get him another 10 day extension. Either way, rude since our tickets aren’t until April 13th. I guess Ecuador isn’t as good at counting as we are.

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