Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Ok. I confess. I cannot stay away from the internet for a week. Or even like 5 hours. Now, I have cut back dramatically on my interneting, but I cheated from day one. You know, like 5 hours after I quit. I am weak. I must really love the internet. (I mean come on, how can a person live with imdb or google?) (And even if you could, why would you want to???)

While I am confessing, maybe to shame myself further I should confess what else I did. I had a coke. Just one, and although I went over a month without one and it was well deserved and needed (and SO delicious) I will not be returning to my ways of excessive coke drinking. In fact, I intend to stay on the path of not drinking it at all. Because let’s be honest, my “it’s an emergency, I need/deserve/want/have to have/will die without a coke” excuse is used pretty much any time I see a McDonalds, so better to go without pretty much entirely than to over-do it on a regular basis. But man, what I wouldn’t do for a Dr. Pepper right now…

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4 Responses to Liar Liar Pants on Fire

  1. Esther says:

    A month without Coke sounds equivalent to a year in a Chinese prison to me so you have amazing willpower. Being a pregnant Mormon means I have very very few vices left so I indulge every one I can. So anytime you want to fall off the wagon, come over to my place and I'll pump you full of Coke and Dr. Pepper and also do a great job helping you rationalize the decision. :)

  2. vanessa joie says:

    This makes me very happy. I tried to go offline for a DAY – I only lasted till 2 pm. Ah well.

  3. Leslie says:

    I'm pretty sure I would only last not even a day either. My excuse? I need the internet for business purposes :) But that doesn't stop me from hopping on facebook or reading/writing blogs too. :-) Glad you're back.

  4. Penny says:

    The idea of going off coke AND the Internet within close proximity of one another is unthinkable. It certainly isn't good for the kids if you get impatient and crabby. Not that you were, but I think I'd show signs of irritation. It just goes to show I am addicted to both.

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