I’ll Show You Aggressive!

Yesterday we went to meet Jose & Liza at Bahama Breeze for lunch because we had a giftcard that was begging to be used. Upon arrival at the lovely southcenter mall, it was a nightmare of a traffic jam. I suppose everyone wanted to go shopping at the same time? Anyway, we get into the overflowing parking lot and I say to Aaron “hey, there’s a spot!” as a lady is backing out of a spot, but reparking, since she was in two spots. Her attempts at reparking are just as bad, and she continues to be many feet into the second spot, with no real reason since no one is overlapping the other side of her spot. We wait several minutes patiently for her to see us and reposition, but nothing happens. She completely ignores us. Aaron decides the solution is for me to get out and him to park right up against her door. I instead decide I will walk over to her window and kindly ask her to move over just a bit, as maybe she hasn’t realized she is still taking up two spots. She opens her window and I ask her if she can move over a bit. She tells me she is waiting for someone. I say ok, but I’m just asking if you can move over so we can park in this spot, as we are going inside to meet people. “I’m meeting someone as well!” comes the reply. “Ok, but can you just move over a couple feet so we can park, as you are in two spots?” “NO need to get AGGRESSIVE!” followed by her own insane nervous awkward laughter. I had nothing to do but laugh and get in my car, and as it turns out as I walk back she backs up (I think trying to hit me? maybe I’m exaggerating that part, maybe not) and reparks. We park and I tell her thank you.

Now let me break this down for you. I was not being aggressive. In fact, I was being WAY nicer than she deserved in such a situation, and on top of that, WAY nicer than I would have been non-pregnant. I never raised my voice, said please and thank you, and let’s face it, I was not asking her to move out of both spots, just one! When I told this story my dad tried to claim I was a crazy pregnant person, to which I was pretty offended, because come on, if you want a crazy pregnant person story, I will just tell you about the time I about killed a Target food court employee over the icee machines being on the defrost cycle. Now THAT was crazy.

Anyway, I made Aaron help me remember her license plate, just in case she was feeling “aggressive” after we left. Turns out she wasn’t. I was going to write her a letter, but I thought you should hear the whole story instead.

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7 Responses to I’ll Show You Aggressive!

  1. amy says:

    i think the hag still deserves a letter.

  2. Sarah says:

    A letter is definitely in order. Maybe you could include one to Bahama Breeze and how yummy their food is and how I’m dying for their roasted cuban bread and a chocolate banana shake.

  3. Penelope says:

    The best part of this… she has to live inside her own head. Who would want to be tortured like? She knows she was a jerk and cannot undo her wrong. I loved Aaron’s solution, and I’m sorry to hear you guys didn’t park right next to her car, but still stay in your lane.

    To Wanda!!!

  4. Jacki says:

    “aggressive” is an awfully big word, maybe she doesn’t know what it means

  5. Jonah says:

    I agree with your dad…. haha… jk. Please dont kill me.

  6. Cheryloxx says:

    I told off the lady at the old people equipment store when we dropped off our oxygen tanks. She was such a snot to the lady before me and then tried to tell us we couldn’t drop off the oxygen tanks without a doctors note. I was so proud of my crazy pregnant self when she said, “I know you don’t understand our policy, but blah blah blah”, I said, “Oh, it’s not that I don’t understand, it’s that I don’t care.” He he

  7. Momeree says:

    You’re just lucky you didn’t post the crazy prenancy story about ME (I know you were tempted). I would have to kill you myself. Love Mom

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