I had to go to the post office anyway…

I may have had a Britney moment, but not a pregnancy/new mom haircut moment. I have been meaning to cut & donate my hair for a while. I kept saying I was going to get a trim, grow it a bit more and then cut it. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

That’s a bit over 12″, and my good sewing scissors.

Here’s me and my twin. See, we didn’t cut off too much.

It’s not really this uneven, and it still goes into a ponytail. Good work self.

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4 Responses to I had to go to the post office anyway…

  1. aarone says:

    tres sexy!

    I didn’t even notice in the picture in the top post.

    You’re ready to teach Harmon to drive and dodge Paparazzi.

  2. E says:

    I hope that is not a symptom of pregnancy, my hair is not as long as yours!

  3. Penelope says:

    Very nice. To donate your hair is a self-less thing to do. I’m impressed. Love it!

  4. shadylady says:

    Your hair must grow very fast. Mine seems to kind of stall out. However, now that I am doing the no-poo thing, I am hoping that I can grow it longer.

    In the past (and now), my mental health could always be judged by the length of my hair. It is as long as it has ever been now. Hmmm??? The shortest it ever was, was soon after Rusty was born, I took scissors and whacked it all off, to about 1 inch all over. I have pics to prove it.

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