How Exercise Can Save Your Life, Seriously

{Alternately titled: Another Miracle}

This evening we went for a run. Normally we don’t. Normally Aaron and Harmon play in the front yard. Every day. But tonight we went for a run. People, exercise will save your life.

(taken from our front door)

We were a block from home when we heard a loud bang and I told Aaron I thought it was a crash, as the corner we live on has a lot of crashes. As we got closer we saw a car across the street facing the wrong way partially smashed up. I told Aaron to go see if they needed blankets or anything but when we got to the corner we found a car on our porch and a lady laying in our yard. She was taken to the hospital, probably has some broken bones, and as far as I know the people in the other car were shaken up but otherwise ok.

That is the best run I have ever taken.
We will not be playing in the front yard any time soon.
Did I mention how blessed/scared we are feeling lately?

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11 Responses to How Exercise Can Save Your Life, Seriously

  1. Momeree says:

    Come play in my yard, it's much safer:) I'm glad ALL of my babies are okay!

  2. Sarah says:

    Any word on how the lady managed to do that? I'm glad you're OK!

  3. Kelsey says:

    From what we can now determine, the lady driving this car either didn't stop at her stop sign or just pulled out while a car was coming, they hit eachother side by side and veered off in opposite directions. Our fence and house just happened to be the direction she went.

  4. Quinae says:

    What in the heavens?! Crazy car stories of late girl!! Gesh! You should feel blessed. My goodness.

  5. Natalie says:

    That is so frightening! You should head to the mountains for a bit…until your string of scares feels over! It's unbeleivable when things like that happen and you know something impressed you to change up your routine. Way to use your awesome double stroller on the right day and time! :) Have a safe day…

  6. Kacey says:

    You have been a lucky lady (and family lately)! Time to put up a concrete wall in front of your house :)

  7. Elizabeth says:

    S-C-A-R-Y. I would probably be having a nervous breakdown.

  8. shadylady says:

    you sure seem to have a lot of run ins with spiders and wayward vehicles lately………

    WHAT is going on here!

  9. Penny says:

    My heck! My word! What the….! Okay, you do have a guardian angel. You have the most entertaining blog. Glad ya'll are safe and sound. You might think about moving, like along Martin Luther King Highway. That would be safer perhaps. xoxox

  10. hollyhs says:

    ok that is seriously crazy! i'm so glad you are all ok.

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