Good One

Normally my child keeps all bodily fluids to himself. Being such a large child, he wants to keep all nutrients he would lose by spitting up to himself. Except today.

I threw Giant Long Bean up on my shoulders to mess my hair up like he likes doing lately. Not 30 seconds later he burps (I’m not scared, the kid has spit up 6 times in his life, maybe a pea sized amount tops) and I feel warm goo in my hair and EAR.

Well played Harmon, well played.

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2 Responses to Good One

  1. amy says:

    Fetus rivalry?

  2. Cheryloxx says:

    Wow, really? Max has only just started slowing down on the spitting up department (not counting last night’s spillage). The shoulders of my clothing have all got a hint of formulaic odor…it’s high time you had at least ONE episode. ;o)

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