Fridays: Things I don’t love

I think that I should have a weekly post dedicated to “Things I Don’t Love” (a nice euphemism lifted from Nate & Chica). I do love Fridays, so that seems like a good day to write.

Things I Don’t Love: Oval Country Stickers

They probably started out ok. After being used in Europe for an actual purpose, probably a few Europeans brought their cars here and kept their stickers. That’s fine. Then some others proud of their heritage thought it would be a good idea too. Ok, I’m still sort of with you. But then everyone went traveling. And suddenly they were from the countries they traveled to. And then they slapped a sticker on their car back at home. At this point, I’m not loving it, as I am not a fan of bumper stickers in general, but it is almost tolerable. Then came the other stickers, styled the same but saying things like “Woof” and other “cute” things. Then a couple of weeks ago came the clincher pushing me over the edge in my hatred: the white ovals that said “Alki*” in the middle. The driver was probably happy, driving around, showing his or her Alki pride, but I hated it. It just seemed so ridiculous to me. You aren’t any cooler because you happen to live in Alki.

But then I got an idea. What about selling stickers that said “Medina**”? That’s right people. I just figured out how to make my first million dollars.

*Alki is a community in Seattle with a long beach that people hang out on and walk/rollerblade/skate on the sidewalk. It’s “cool” to live in Alki
**Medina being a community in the Seattle area in which Bill Gates and lots of other rich people live

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4 Responses to Fridays: Things I don’t love

  1. Sarah says:

    How about Kent? Graham? Renton. Lakewood. 😛

  2. shadylady says:

    I live in Kittitas, but I prefer to call it Shittitas…..

    Catchy sort of a sticker now? Probably wouldn’t make a million…. but then, that’s because I live in Shittitas…

  3. Momeree says:

    Good job Kelsey, that post was a LOL for me. After you have them printed, make sure you give the first sticker to Dad or Jama!

  4. Penny says:

    I like your first idea: Things I don’t love.


    People who graze in the produce section of the grocery store. Take one grape, look around, take another grape, look around, take another grape…! Then they head for the candy bins. (They have those at Winco, and there is a sign that reads, “Please don’t sample the candy.”

    They are the same people who have no intention of buying the food they sample at Costco. They bring the whole family, extended family, guests and move from one sample to the next.

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