Freaks of Strength

Maybe it’s because he’s trying to impress Adri his future wife, or maybe I was pregnant a month longer than I thought, but either way, we have an ultimately strong baby. Here is a short list of his massive strengths from birth to 3 weeks:

1. He must have come out holding his head up, or just been bored being upside down for so long. This kid will hold his head up for minutes at a time.

2. A day or two after arrival out of the womb he did a push-up. He did a hands and knees push-up off my chest and held it for a bit. What? I can’t even do that. He still likes to do those, but he uses his elbows more now, probably because he’s gotten lazy.

3. About a week ago I put him on his stomach for some tummy time. I guess he hated it enough he managed to roll himself right over. I don’t expect to see this again for some months, but obviously he has the muscle power to get it done.

4. I already knew his legs were strong on the inside when he would practice resistance training by pushing constantly (not kicking) with his feet on one side of my ribcage. The result? He can support his entire weight on his legs for a bit. (You may remember it’s a lot of weight).

Anyway we like to brag and will be training him for the strong man competition in no time.

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4 Responses to Freaks of Strength

  1. Momeree says:

    We need a new SuperMan to rescue us!

  2. Jacki says:

    Don’t be so sure about the no-roll thing. One day you will go pee and come back to the living room to find your 8 week old baby missing. Check under the chairs. Or maybe on top of them.

  3. shadylady says:

    you won’t be so proud when you see the mischief he will be getting into much sooner than you expected!!!

    Having had 4, one of whom was totally out of control…. (Willie), I KNOW the trouble they get into when you least expect it!!!!

  4. AMB says:

    Wow! This little guy sounds BUFF! BTW, I made you a baby gift weeks ago, and I keep forgeting to get your address so I can mail the darn thing. Or, I can drop it off if you like and I can see you awesome buff guy in person! Email me!

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