Everyone Will Want One

At least we do. But maybe we’re biased.

Today after learning of Fidel Castro’s “retirement” it sparked the conversation (again) of if he was really alive of not. So when I was in bed doodling I thought of this, and Aaron said we should set up shop right away. And so ta-da! So if you want to see all the options for this great shirt (it comes in oh so many designs and colors) you can go here: www.cafepress.com/foxfish Aaron is working on some with a Fidel picture. Forgive our shameless self-promotion, we just think we are funny.

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One Response to Everyone Will Want One

  1. Heather says:

    Hi Kelsey! That’s awesome that you are in Cuenca!! Don’t you just LOVE what you’re doing right now?! I miss it so much! My sister-in-law Natalie went to Cuenca (I went to Quito) and she LOVED it as well! You should let her know you’re there! She would like that a lot!

    A few summers ago my brother, sister and I went and did an OSSO project in Mexico! It was amazing! Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

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