Delta is for sucks.

Ok. I understand that sometimes planes need de-icing. I understand that sometimes cities like Atlanta are unprepared and sometimes you have to wait in a 4 hour line stuck on a plane to de-ice. But what I don’t understand is when you are flying from Atlanta to Quito and you know the Quito airport will be closed and you will re-route to Guayaquil, you don’t tell your passengers so they can tell their waiting family members. And so those same family members could get said passengers hotels. Also, after lying to your plane and landing them in Guayaquil at 3am, instead of in Quito at 930pm, you should not tell them further lies about how the ticketing agent will help re-ticket them and get them all squared away when no such person exists. I would like to tell everyone to how incredibly horrible Delta is, how Aaron’s parents were not only delayed sitting on the runway for 4 hours, but lied to, and locked in the Guayaquil airport until 6am the next morning when they flew to Cuenca (which amazingly took 2 hours, when it is a 45min flight… what?)

You are probably thinking ok that sucks. But tell me this, how come Delta didn’t put them up in a hotel? Or how come no one got vouchers for anything, no reimbursements, nothing. And the fact that they didn’t tell them they could get out in Guayquil, just locked them into the airport. Among other passengers were lady in a wheelchair, pregnant lady with 1 1/2 year old, elderly, etc. Is that ok? It’s not. And why does this happen? Because it’s in Ecuador. Most of the passengers are Ecuadorian, and Delta is a 100% US company. So what can any Ecuadorian do about Delta’s crap? Nothing. But I intend to send a strongly worded letter to them, telling them how unfair and awful I think they are. Seriously? Who locks people into an airport without food, water, sleeping arangements, etc? RIDICULOUS? (Ok I admit that this also happens in the US, but not nearly as much as apparently Delta is said to do this EXACT same thing here.) Ok complaining over.

We have made it back to Cuenca, and will probably have to sleep all day tomorrow. We are so happy to have them here, and have already had fun going out to dinner with the Roseros. Now we are all beat so it’s off to sleep. But remember, Delta is bad.

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3 Responses to Delta is for sucks.

  1. Brittany says:

    well, on the bright side, it makes for a very entertaining story. at least it was for me :)

    i’ll be sure to remind wyatt how awful delta is – in hopes to change his mind about united…(since that is where we get our supply of buddy passes).

  2. shadylady says:

    Now that Aarons parents have been properly indoctrinated into the perils of international travel, perhaps they would consider signing up for the next Amazing Race? I surely would love to watch someone race who is related to me, however remotely. I mean, now they know what can go wrong, and will be mentally prepared. Or not. I hope they finally got there OK, and none too much the worse for wear. Write Delta, and if you need any help in the “coming on strong” dept, I know I could help.

    Love ya,

    Aunt Cornish Game Hen

  3. AJ says:

    I am sorry. That sounds extremely ridiculous and horrible.

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