It’s no secret that I more often than not love my friends’ moms. My friends’ moms are in large part what influenced my friends to be who they are, their spunkiness, their kindness, their sense of humor, etc. Some of these moms I love so much I have forcefully declared myself part of their family, or taken a more democratic route of being voted in. In the last several years I have met a new mom whom I adore. World, today I give you Bookie!

First of all I should explain the name. This is a name given to her by her grandchildren. This makes me extra happy when I get to say to Harmon: “do you want to go see xxxx’s Bookie?” Rumor has it that the name was given because she likes to read her grandchildren books, but I have seen no evidence of this, so I’m sticking with my original theory of horse racing.

If I had to describe Bookie to someone here is what I would say:

-Bookie is spiritual: “Take your family proclamation off the wall with all your stupid flowers and teach it to your children!!!”
-Bookie is caring: she will go the extra mile and injure her ribs just to rescue toys that have been carelessly thrown behind the couch.
-Bookie has good judgement: “I don’t trust you two [me and her own daughter] to watch your own children!”
-Bookie has good taste: she likes my blog and on one occasion forwarded it to all her friends.
-Bookie is a good judge of character: “I’m bringing back the cookie dough, and taking out the trash, you two [me and her daughter] are losers!”
-Bookie is long-suffering: a postal employee told her that she must be her grandson’s great-grandmother and she didn’t even chop him.
-Bookie is youthful: she is always willing to hang out with young men suitors that come her way.
-Bookie metes out just punishment: if her granddaughter misbehaves she pushes the stroller down the “boring” street instead of the “exciting” one.

What I’m trying to say is, Bookie is out of town and we miss her. Even if she isn’t really our Bookie, we’d like to claim her as our own.

(See Bookie, I told you you have enough material to write a blog. I know I would read it anyway. Also I just checked and although is taken, is free)

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