Best Way To Read Blogs?

So, I have a lot of blogs I like to read. But not as much time as I want to spend hours clicking to see which are updated. Actually, I don’t like clicking to see if they are updated. But I do like going to the actual sites. So, opinions on what you’ve done that you like? I am thinking of starting out with google reader because it seems idiot-proof, but that eliminates the going to the site part. I can’t seem to find (in the 5 minutes of research I did) anywhere that is currently functioning that will just send me an email when the sites are updated. So, help? Ideas?

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  1. AMB says:

    I had the same annoyance for a long time until I added a bloglist to my sidebar that lists my blogs in order of who has created the most recent post. Mine also says the title of their post as well as how long ago they did it. Whenever I'm in the mood to read blogs, I go to my blog and go down the list. The bloglist gadget is available on the Page Elements tab.

  2. Leslie says:

    Hi Kelsey-

    If you are in your "dashboard", you can "ADD" blogs that you read and that makes you a follower. Then when you are blogging yourself, you can see the most recent ones at the top. That's all I do, I don't go to anyone's blog until they have a new update that I can see from my dashboard. Let me know if that doesn't make sense. The other suggestion is good too, and that is also what I do.

  3. . . . . . vanessa joie says:

    I use Google Reader and Bloglovin'… then I go to the actual site to comment and see pics (some posts only show text in Google Reader)

    Google Reader is good – until you have 1,000 + unread items. But that is not Google Reader's fault.

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