Be Careful What You Wish For…

So about three or so mornings a week since we have lived in this apartment, we have heard this pressure washer type noise. We thought “hooray city for keeping your streets so clean” but really stop doing that at 6-7am. The other morning they were at it like usual, but then in the afternoon we heard it too. Were they cleaning up after the parade? We finally looked out the window to one of the open courtyard big dwellings below and saw that our powerwasher was actually a floor sander, being used to fix the floor. Hmmm. So they were fixing it up, and someday soon the morning “power washing” would stop! Hooray!

Wrong. The next day they worked late into the night, and the following night the entire night long we heard that machine and saws and all sorts of things until 8am or so. We thought, ok they are on vacation and are trying to get a lot of work done before they start work again. This will all be ok.

WRONG! Two nights ago we heard some “music” coming from the central park. “Man that is awful” “Yeah, I know, what happened to the guys playing the same traditional music over and over?” But it stopped by 10 something so it was ok, and it was just in the park after all, must be post-Christmas pre-New Year celebrationing. They love to party.

STILL WRONG! Last night it started around 9:45 and didn’t stop until? 3? I don’t remember. I just remember wanting to kill someone. We looked out the window and realized our worst nightmare had come true. The remodeled place was finished and is a loud loud dance bar restaurant. And the “music” was worse than the night before. And did I mention how loud it is? Imagine having your own radio on in your room at a pretty good volume. And then add the horrible bass. Aaron just said “that place has to go out of business because no one likes that music. Not even people who like techno, they will think that sucks too.” I hope so.

Just now (which pushed me to finally write this) they started their horrible sounds full blast again. It’s 330 on Sunday afternoon. And because we live in the commercial district there is little we can do. Except throw rocks. Which is something that is becoming more and more desirable by the minute…

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2 Responses to Be Careful What You Wish For…

  1. Uncle Dana says:

    Cheri just gave me your blog. I am enjoying reading it and the pictures. Papa Noel is great! I will read more as I have less children (boys had a sleepover). Plus we have a foster daughter who is 11, she’s a pretty little mexican girl. We are still trying to adopt a little girl, can I come and put one in my suitcase?! We have checked out overseas adoption and that’s just not in our budget :o( …alas oh well, we’ll wait for the Lord to bless us. But if you do have a little one for free or cheap we do want her! love Dana and Danelle and family

  2. Momeree says:


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