This is probably my last post from Ecuador as they are coming to take away our modem in a couple minutes. At least they are supposed to, as they already came by once and didn’t make it upstairs. I just wanted to say (for no one’s benefit by my own) that I love Ecuador, and will miss it so much. It’s easier to go home this time than last time, because I have a husband, I know what I will do when I get home (ok not really), and will still be working on growing a baby. But I will cry, and I will be sad. I am so lucky to be here again, to get to live here again. I’m so grateful for an adventurous husband who will move to Ecuador to me, who will come to a place where he doesn’t speak the language and be the ultimate champ. And now my ultimate dreams came true, he is sad to leave. Probably more sad than me, but that’s because I’m so sick and bored that going “home” will be good for me.

Anyway. Ecuador, I will miss you. OSSO girls I will miss all of you and how you like to laugh at me in the stupid video and pictures on the wall, and how fun it is to see you in town. People who work and shop at Tia I won’t miss you, I hope you all learn manners. Roseros I will miss you. I will miss your friendship, spending FHEs with you, playing sponge bob monopoly, helping you with random projects, eating your delicious bbqs you make for us, and just being with you. You really are my family. I do hope they let you into the US to visit because I will miss you too much before the next time we get back here. I will miss Lorena’s concern, Rodrigo’s teasing, Sammy’s love, and Ishy’s humor. For all the amazing work you do, the hours you don’t sleep giving all you have to OSSO. Man I made myself cry, that was stupid. And most of all I will miss you kids. You toddlers that have given me so many hugs and snot and smiles and love. You teenagers who have given me so much lip and attitude and hugs and questions about where I have been when I am gone. I will miss you boys, playing soccer and going out for pizza, eating candies and spoiling you when we can. I will miss you nuns, teaching you about microwaves, and knowing what wonderful caring amazing selfless people you are. Especially you Sor Teresa. I will miss you cute babies who can’t talk or even know that you have ever met me, but I will miss you all the same. And I will miss you Juanita and Ines, and hope that someday I will have enough money to come back and bring you home with me.

Until next time Ecuador, stay out of trouble. Try not to start too many wars with your neighbors. And please, take care of my kids.

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2 Responses to Adios

  1. amy says:

    ack. now you went and made me cry a little.

  2. Brittany says:

    welcome home!

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