A Short Note

Dear Group Health Midwife I Saw Today (NOT the midwives who delivered my baby),

It’s ok that you saw my baby girl wearing bright blue with a pink and brown butterfly and asked “who is this little guy?” A legitimate thought if you were just glancing at my child, I’m not offended. But when corrected please don’t go on about how beautiful my daughter is (I of course already knew that!) And don’t tell me not to dress my daughter in blue (a BIG butterfly people!) and then tell me again how lovely she is. Being mistaken is fine. Being a liar (or an attempted reverse foot-in-mouther) is not.


P.S. The next time I am told to show up 15 minutes early for my appointment, don’t make me wait a half hour past my appointment time. Lucky for me my mom came with to watch the active young boy, otherwise, it would be ultimate war.

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  1. amy says:

    I want to have kids just so I can dress them in neutral colors and watch people squirm. Is that wrong? It's weird that people get so into babies having a solid gender identity. They don't have bowel control, people; they have bigger fish to fry.

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