A Longer Pregnancy

At my last midwife appointment they changed my due date. Later by 12 days. Because inside baby was measuring small. It’s kind of rude, but I think I will survive. Maybe. What if I’m just growing a small baby to compensate for the last giant one? I suppose when I go for another ultrasound to check the size again in another month maybe the baby will have grown back to normal size. Of course Harmon was “normal” size at this point, so what use will that be?

Old due date: November 29th
New due date: December 11th

Jama told me to have the baby by Christmas. I told her that was not funny. Then I realized that December 11th plus 14 days (the most they will let you go overdue) is the 25th. So rude.

Also I just calculated that tomorrow I will be 20 weeks, instead of almost 2 weeks ago like I thought. Sheesh.

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  1. Penny says:

    I predicted you will have Alf on our anniversary, Dec 19th. You are getting closer to the possibility.

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