A Few Semi-Important Things

1. I was thinking today about September when Aaron and I went with my dad and Jama to the Smashing Pumpkins concert. Mostly I was thinking about the part when I kept telling my dad to yell “I love you Billy” because I’m pretty sure he has a man-crush on him. Finally it was pretty quiet and Billy was talking softly to the crowd and I elbowed my dad and said “do it now!” And then he did. And then Billy made a sort of surprised face and turned to a man in one of the rows in front of us an proclaimed “That guy has the rock and roll spirit.” It’s ok dad, we all knew it was you, not that guy.

Later dad thanked me for making him do that, and told us that he would surely need to write about it in his journal. He wanted us to think he was kidding, but we all knew he wasn’t.

(I wasn’t really blogging much then, or else I would have surely written that before)

2. My mom sold my car, so I give her one million cheers for that. I even got her this award:

3. There was something else, but I forgot when I was getting that award for my mom.

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3 Responses to A Few Semi-Important Things

  1. Momeree says:

    You said you were looking for someone to pay your expenses while you save the world. You have had your first donation. Fritz Kiemle who bought your car paid $500 more than he wanted to and he said you needed it more than him. So there you go.

  2. Robert and Lois Draper says:

    Looks like you might have another hero for your hero blogg. Three cheers to the $500 donation!

  3. Brittany says:

    just wanted to let you know that i am still stalking you….

    the story about your dad made me laugh. then i tried to relay it to wyatt and he barely smiled. i think it had everything to do with the delivery and nothing to do with the story itself. i’ll refer him to your blog so he can give the reaction it deserves….

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